First units completed

I am currently working on the figures of the tabletop game ASOIF from CMON.  The game has an endless amount of figures which most of them are absolutely gorgeous and a pleasure to paint. In my group i pledged my loyalty to house Stark, so this will be my first army to complete.


Some terrains and Ironthrone completed

Some of the terrains are done. My wife told me that the out-of-the-box trees look really terrible and need some work, especially the leafs.

I added some height difference on the baseplate with green stuff. Then i primed the model white (vallejo) and gave the whole tree a dark brown wash (50:50 Agrax Earthshade (GW)/Nun Oil (GW)). The Base received some earthy tones and some texture with Stirland Mud (GW) and Thick Mud (Vallejo). I added some stones, gravel and sand onto it and fixed it with Gravel & Sand Fix (AK). The grass came from Woodland Scenics which i tinted with several shades of orange and brown. The bushes are from my gravel box and garden findings.

When i had the base done the leafs on the tree received some red tones which i washed with Reikland Fleshshade (GW) but it looked too artificially, so i decided to add some Fine-Leaf Foliage™ Olive Green (Woodland Scenics) which i recolored with Burnt Red (Vallejo). There are still some details i want to fix but it looks ok so far. 🙂




Publisher: CoolMiniOrNot
Scale: 28mm
Date of release: 2018

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