Day 3

Final assembly & pictures

I finally managed to put her back together again and take some shots for you guys. Just click on the small images below to see them in full size.

Comments, shares and likes are always welcome, thank you <3

Day 2

Dryfit, minor corrections & preperations

I have put her togheter and checked if the layers of color produce any problems or if some of the parts are not fitting anymore. I have not fully pushed in all the joints in order to be able to remove them, if neccessary. On a few spots the color came off a bit and will need to be reappied – but that will not be a big deal.

I meassured all parts which get a decal, for example her upper right leg or the guns show the teamname. The blazon on her coat and guns will be printed onto watertransferable decals with a laser printer.

Next up i will apply that i will pin-wash all recessed and raised areas to bring out the details. Also drybrushing some highlights and edges. The metals, skintones and some orange parts still need some work…

Stay tuned for more updates.

Day 1

Disassemble, basecoats and repaint

I am currently on a repaint of the hero figure Tracer from Overwatch. The final color-scheme will resemble Tracer from OWL Team «Spitfire». The disassemble was quite rough due to heavily glued parts which needed to be cut or ripped apart.
Afterwards i think it wasn’t really necessary to totally break her apart but i wanted to see how well i can paint the parts with the airbrush, therefore i took the extra-mile.

For the colors i have decided to take Vallejo acrylics which have a nice and broad supply of bright tones. I mixed the primary blue with two tones of blues (70.841 and 70.844 (3:1)). After a base-coat of white onto the legs and larger parts, i gave them 3-4 layers of the primary blue tone. The dark blue on the jacket was a 1:1 mixture of 70.965 and 70.899).

Then i sprayed the yellow/orange (70.915 and 71.085(1:2)) parts starting with a white base-coat, then the bright yellowish color and finishing with a few gradient coats of orange.

Everything is working quite nicely so far, the only parts that give me a head-ache are the moveable ball-joints… Everytime i move these into a new position the color gets ripped off again. I layered them now with thin coats again and sealed them with a strong varnish.

The figure has to dry now for 24 hours.


Producer: GoodSmileCompany
Sculptor: Jun Yamaoka, Keita Yagyuu
Scale: 140mm in height
Date of release: 2017


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