Day 4

Base, metallics and final assembly

After quite a break i have decided to finish Tian Long this week. After a quick and easy paintjob on the base i added some metallic details, haircolorvariations onto the dragon. Then glued the rider, flag and lastly the dragon on his resting place.

The details on this figure are incredible – even after hours of working on details i even find some unformulated spots which need attention. The figure really is an eye-catcher on the shelf and i am looking forward in painting the rest of the army.

I have started some of the heroes like «Geisha on Koi», «Monk on Stonehand» etc.
You can see some impressions below.

Stay tuned. 🙂

Day 3

Base coat & Metallics

I finally decided to make the dragon in a golden colorscheme. Personally i always wanted to try out the different tones of gold and to take the challenge of a monochrome colorisation. The dragon fits very well for a study on this subject.

I started with a base coat of black (Vallejo Black) followed by thin coats of «Acryllic Liquid Gold». It gave the dragon a nice shine and a good visual starting point to see all the details that needed to be worked out.

I dry brushed the whole model with Vallejos Aluminum (71.062) to highlight the raised parts. This effect was pushed even more at the head section, which came out a bit too strong. I toned it down a bit with a few layers of gold again.

Afterwards i layed down color and tonal variations of gold to make the dragons skin look more interessting. Next the dragon was washed it with «Nun Oil» and a darker selfmixed wash with black, gold and sepia to bring down the recessed areas. This also brought out a lot of details like the scales, claws and hairs. After i dry-fitted the horns and was satisfied with the look, i left him to dry. The dragon will temporarly stay like this until i know the definate color scheme of the army. He might recieve a decorative strong color somewhere – hairs, horns, i don’t know yet.

Next up are the bases and the rider. Stay tuned.

Day 2

Processing & Cleaning

I took a good look at the dragon and removed casting errors and cleaned unsober parts of it. After that i dry assembled the dragon with blue tack to check the fitting of the extremities, horns and the head. Everything fitted very well and i glued the parts into place with superglue. Some seamlines needed some filling with Mr. Surfacer 500. I left the dragon to dry for 24 hours.

Next up is the Riderfigure, the horns and the base. Stay tuned!

Day 1


The long awaited figures of the series Dragon Empire from the producer TitanForgeGames finally arrived. Luckily everything survived the journey except a few small parts which broke.

Remark regarding productionquality
Except from a few air inclusions on thin parts and one rough casting error on a scale of the dragon, everything else seems to be fine and well produced. These errors can be fixed quite easely. I only had one broken sword and spear which needed some attention. Due to air inclusions in these delicate parts i needed to fill and rebuilt the whole parts.




Producer: TitanForgeGames
Scale: 28mm Scale
Date of release: 2018

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  • Jeffrey says:

    Thank you for the detailed look at your process. I’m having the worst time trying to get the Tianlong to stand on the buildings. Do you have any tips to do so?

    • Sascha says:

      I also had my problems with that… try to get the front foot to sit in that small erosion and then align the temple afterwards. I fixated the dragon with bluetack and then glued the parts. Hope that helps.

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